Quick Guideline on Using Metal Zippers

Zippers made from metal are often made of aluminium, brass, and others. These metal elements are placed on the two sides of the zipper tape at regular intervals. Incorrect use metal zippers may lead to malfunction and sometimes, it may even shorten their overall service life.

To ensure that you can make the most out of your metal zippers, there are several guidelines you need to remember:

Common Applications of Metal Zippers

Zippers made from metal are often used in casual garments, aside from bags and luggage. But, these zippers are not recommended to be used in curving applications since this may lead to an uneven force on the two sides of the zipper that may then lead to looseness pr deflection of the teeth and sometimes, it may affect the overall smoothness while the zip is in use.

Fabric Selection for Metal Zippers

Dark-colored zippers made from metal zippers must never be sewed on fabrics with light color. Larger sized zippers with Y-cut teeth are more recommended for heavier fabrics of almost more than 12 ounce, to reduce the possibility of damage or malfunction.

Choice of Sliders for Metal Zippers

It is best to opt for electroplated sliders instead of spray painted sliders since their painting layer may come off, with the zinc alloy getting exposed because of frequent friction. This exposed copper and zinc alloy will then result to an electrolytic reaction during the process of washing and the powder solution will end up changing the color of the zipper slider.

Tips for Cleaning Metal Zippers

Any type of chemical agent must never be sprayed directly to clean dirt, stains, or dust during the process of manufacturing of garments or bags on metal accessories in order to keep them protected them from oxidation and discoloration.

Special Washing Requirement of Metal Zippers

It is sensible to inform the zipper supplier if the zippers will go through a special wash process, like stone wash or enzyme wash so that the supplier can perform a sample test in this regard and at the same time, evaluate the zippers prior to bulk production.

Ironing Metal Zippers

It is important to keep in mind that there is no direct contact between the iron and the metal zipper. In addition, when ironing using high temperatures, it is also necessary to use a sheet of paper or cloth to cover the surface of the zipper teeth to prevent melting of the protective layer as well as from causing stains on the garment.

Packaging Metal Zippers

It is important not to package zippers right after you finish ironing the garment. Also, it is better to avoid using non- breathable plastic bags when packing to keep the metal accessories protected from oxidation and discoloration to save the teeth elements from peeling off and corrosion.

Storage of Metal Zippers

You need to avoid storing the products in corrosive or damp environment. There should also be no prolonged exposure to sunlight as it may ruin the metal zipper.

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