When Should You Buy Roses?

Love, romance, or even Valentine’s Day or Valentine’s Day is always synonymous with pink, cheerfulness, and roses. Why are Valentine and the symbol of love always synonymous with roses?

Valentine’s Day is known as day of love. Although the description of this Valentine’s Day is global, many couples who are in the process of dating take advantage of a day on February 14 to share more love with their loved ones.

In every picture, photo, painting, film, or anything related to Valentine’s, it is not uncommon to find symbols of the heart symbolizing love and also roses, especially roses Singapore. You can get roses easily at online flower shops.

History of Roses

According to research from the University of Illinois, roses were first discovered in mainland Central Asia about 70 million years ago. The first civilizations paid more attention to these colorful flowers and expanded them to the Northern Hemisphere.

In this ancient civilization, roses were also used as symbols of love and appreciation flowers. Although there is no scientific evidence for the existence of this first rose, many researchers believe that the oldest rose is named Rosa Gallica, also known as the French rose. In the ancient Persians, the rose was also used as a symbol of love and was believed to be a symbol of a beautiful spirit.

Tips for Choosing the Time to Buy Roses

Roses are the best selling flowers. No wonder roses are more expensive around Valentine’s Day. Wholesale prices can be doubled compared to sales at Christmas. Then, when is the optimal time to order Valentine’s flowers?

The longer you wait for that, the cheaper it will be. So we suggest you book around January 15th or 1 month early to get a lower price. Most sellers also provide discounts for early orderers.

How To Take Care Of Roses To Keep Them Fresh

Roses have long existed as a symbol of love and affection, especially among young people in Indonesia and even the whole world. Like other flowers, roses can also last a short time.

Starting from opening the plastic cover and aluminum foil (flower bars) or cardboard (bouquet flowers) covering the roses. Then, cut the ends of the stems by about one centimeter in a slightly slanted cut. Try to cut the rose stems in water to keep the flowers fresh by preventing air from entering the bottom of the stem.

A sharp knife are the best tools to use for cutting rose stems. Use standard pruning shears that press the stems well to keep them from absorbing water effectively so they don’t die or wilt more quickly.

After each use, the pruning shears should always be washed in hot soapy water. Otherwise, the bacteria will stay and damage the next flower.

Also, pick the leaves that are at the bottom of the stem. This is to avoid the rotting of the leaves in the vase water. You can leave a few leaves at the top of the stems, but be sure to remove anything that will soak in the water in the vase.

But don’t remove the thorns from the rose stalks. Removing the thorns will cause the rose to have a shorter life. Put the roses into a vase filled with clean water.

After cutting, roses absorb a lot of water. Fill the flower vase with fresh water to about 3/4 of the way. Then, arrange the roses into the vase with the stems about 2.5 cm from the base. This arrangement will make it easier for the rose stalk to absorb the water it needs to keep it fresh.

Every two days, change the water in the vase to ensure bacterial growth won’t damage your flowers. Fill a vase with water and add bleach. Cut off the bottom of the stalk and put it back into the vase.

Roses will stay fresh for several days if you keep them indoors in a cool area. Avoid placing roses near a window that is exposed to heat or in a room that tends to be warm. You can even store roses in the refrigerator at night while you sleep, and put them back outside the next day.

If cared for properly, live flowers usually last a maximum of 3-5 days. However, if you want a longer-lasting (up to 7 days) freshness, you can also add sugar/salt/clothes bleach, and even vinegar to the water in your favorite rose vase.

If the roses are given are still in bud and want them to bloom soon, add two tablespoons of granulated sugar for every liter of warm water in a vase. In addition, you can also add two tablespoons of vinegar to one liter of water. Vinegar serves to inhibit flower decay caused by bacteria.

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