Which Saree is Best for a Wedding?

Weddings in India are like festivals, there are special months and dates that are considered auspicious to hold wedding or marriage functions and huge gatherings of family and friends show up to celebrate this joyous union. 

Weddings in India are all about love, laughter, dance, the celebration of family union, and amazing outfits and jewelry. A typical wedding function has many kinds of ethnic attire that are used specifically for each ceremony based on the occasion. 

A Bridal Sharara for Roka, Lehenga for Engagement, Kanjivaram Sarees for wedding, and a brilliant Anarkali lehenga or dress for the reception. The options are unlimited and it depends on the creativity of the bride and the groom. Whatever be the choice, the best bridal attire can be found in Indian Markets. 

Indian Bridal Couture 

The Indian wedding market is a thriving business that has a multitude of elements when it comes to wedding preparations. Right from the wedding cards that are printed to the bridal showers, the event planners, the decor, the flowers, the attires, the gifts, and the wedding jewelry – every aspect of an Indian wedding is planned and coordinated in great style and synchronization. 

The bridal attire and jewelry part of this business is perhaps the biggest and the most booming industry of all. Indian bridal couture is a giant transcending fashion that has taken shape into being one of the most luxurious markets in the world. Designer wedding attires are becoming one of the biggest selling points for couples who are tying the knot.

When it comes to bridal couture there are so many options for the new age brides to choose from. Anything from a traditional Kanjivaram Sarees for a wedding to a grand handmaid dress for the reception, there are so many offerings that are there in the market these days. 

Sarees are always the top-rated bridal attire for wedding ceremonies and other options such as Lehengas, Anarkali Suits, Sharara Suits, and Dresses are reserved for the other related rituals such as Roka, Engagement, Haldi, Mehendi, and Vidaai. 

The Best Wedding Sarees

Sarees are the most prominent wedding attire that is used across India. Sarees are the trademark Indian ethnic attire and are the most preferred attire for weddings in all regions of India. Indian ethnicity changes from one state to another. 

In some states, even with the same state, there are cultural and ethnic differences. But the only similarity amongst most of these cultures is the use of a traditional silk saree for weddings and related ceremonies.

Of all the sarees in India, silk sarees are the most used fabric and type of saree for weddings in India. Amongst the silk sarees, there are many kinds as well. Some of the best wholesale sarees are mentioned below:

  • Kanjivaram Silk Sarees

Kanjivaram silk sarees are one of the finest quality silk sarees that are made from Mulberry silk. It is a prominent silk saree amongst the South Indians but is equally popular in North India and in foreign countries as well. 

  • Banarasi Silk Sarees

Banarasi silk sarees are made in Varanasi or Banaras in Northern India and have a Mughal touch of artistry in them. They are heavy sarees with zari borders and exquisite designs.

  • Chanderi Silk Sarees

Chanderi silk sarees are very unique and have especially soft silk with a tinge of silver and gold sheen in the fabric. They come in various unique designs and prints.

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