Ace The Indie Winter Look Like A Pro With These Simple Hacks

Are you someone who loves classics over trends? Well, if you are an Indie lover, you are in for some very good news. 2021 high fashion is all about revisiting the Indie aesthetic charm of the ’80s and ’90s. So, if you can’t get enough of Nirvana and Pearl Jam vintage t-shirts and have one too many of them stashed in your wardrobe, read on to discover simple hacks to ace the winter Indie look like a pro. 

What Makes Indie a Timeless Classic?

Indie outfits are a fashion staple for a huge number of people in America. They are the epitome of effortless clothing and are very easy to style. Most of these styles are vintage but still perfectly suit today’s social context (can a Nirvana t-shirt ever go out of fashion)!

High or tight, no matter your budget, here are some cool hacks to help you rock the indie look this winter. Happy reading!

Quirky Hybrid Shawls and Wraps are Perfect to Layer

Yes, you always have the option of wearing a beautiful hand-woven pashmina or cashmere shawl, but Indie fashion in 2021 is all about experimenting with fun prints and styles. Wear a quirky striped long jacket with a should cut-out to look dapper in the season’s vintage vibe. Hybrid shawls work great with mom jeans or long dresses, and you can snuggle up inside any time you want! 

Winter Coats with a Fun Indie Twist

There’s nothing more effective than a long-time coat in beating the bone-chilling cold. Winter coats are a wardrobe staple. But to add your touch of personal quirk, experiment with statement colors or add a patchwork of your favorite brand logo. Or, if black clothes are your poison, choose a classic black suede coat with metallic details to nail that rocker-girl look. 

Knitted Bohemian Dresses in Different Fabrics

If you love Indie fashion, the chances are that you love denim. Be it mom jeans or quirky patchwork denim jackets; there’s nothing such as enough denim! And what better winter fashion than to marry your love for denim with warm fuzzy knitted dresses? Dungaree-style knitwear or the classic knitted black or baggy blue sweater, there’s something for every Indie love in this segment. These are sufficiently casual but have all the characters you want from Indie clothes. 

Statement Shirt Dresses with Fun Sleeves and Necklines

Winter fashion is all about layering in a way that keeps you warm and also helps you stand out in a room full of people. Shirt dresses in neutral or warm colors act as the perfect canvas to add your quirk. Throw in a denim jacket or slip a pinafore dress on top, and you are going to like a vintage dream in no time! 

Summing Up

Be it boxy shirts from the ’70s or the retro perm; it is very common for period clothing to be back in trend every now and then. However, if there’s one fashion style that never really went out of trend, it is the Grunge Indie look from the late ’80s. 

So, if you are an Indie lover, it’s time to prep your wardrobe to look the part this winter. Happy shopping! 

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