An Interview with Maddison of Durham

In this article, we have a short interview with Maddison of Durham. We discover what the Durham market is like and how the company works. This interview is a chance to learn about the different SEO strategies that are effective in today’s digital world. “I had a natural instinct for hair, because I’ve always loved playing with it.” I always wanted to be a hairdresser because I love the way it makes people feel. It’s such an amazing feeling seeing someone walk out of the salon with a beautiful, new style and knowing you’ve given them hope for their day.

How did you find your niche and how has it grown since Maddisons of Durham?

I found my niche on Instagram in the form of some of the amazing bloggers on Durham. A few months later, I met with a few of them over coffee and they told me about their own businesses. After that we brainstormed on how to increase our followers and post-work hours we would share content on each other’s social media pages. We now work together to help eachother grow. The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of a typical day for Maddison is an active one. She wakes up, eats breakfast and then goes for a run around the city center of Durham before heading to the gym. After her workout, she heads home to change and go out with friends. Finally after her night out, she goes to bed but not before reading some articles on the WebMD app.

How did you learn more about the process of Maddisons of Durham?

I learned more about the process by watching videos, reading articles, and speaking with people who had previously gone through the process. The first thing I wanted to do was see if there were any other prospective students who had done the process before, but was quickly met with a lack of information. The next step was to try and talk to some people about it and then finally when I realized I would have to go through the process myself, I started looking up videos on YouTube. I work with clients who are looking to get into shape and help them stay motivated by providing a long-term solution. I help them set up their diet and exercise plans so they know what to expect and how the results will look like.

Maddisons of Durham loves being a part of a team. Group projects are something she has always been very good at and enjoys. She is also very skilled, but in a different way that not everyone is. Overall, I love my job. There are so many different aspects to it that I can never get bored. What makes the job great for me are the people and the relationships with them. The people in my department lead by example. They have taught me how to be better at our jobs and they have been a great help with anything that I may need assistance on whether that be learning new software or just receiving feedback on an assignment. In conclusion, I would say that the best way to stay healthy is to keep up with your workout and always have a plan of action. It’s all in the mind.

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