An Introduction to Bong Bowls: A Smoking Accessory

There are plenty of medical uses of cannabis listed on the web and still, further research is going on to find all the compounds that are present in the herb and to find their potential benefits for human society. The cannabis herb is not able to use as raw and this can be consumed by smoking. To smoke this, instruments and certain accessories are needed. In the market, there are many types of smoking instruments and accessories available that can be procured through the online shop itself. Tokeplanet is one of the best online shops where users can find different types of smoking instruments and accessories. If the users visit tokeplanet for headshop then will get wide knowledge onthose. Here in this article, let us discuss one of the accessories that are needed for the smoking of herbs.

BONG: A bong is one of the glass-made devices widely used to smoke various products like cannabis, herbs, and weed. The major function of this device is filtration. It is not the main instrument where it is one of the accessories that are used to hold the herbs used for smoking. Bong bowls are typically used and in recent times there are different verities are introduced in different designs and sizes.

The bong bowls are classified as male and female and that can be done based on the water pipe. The female pipe has a broader opening and all the male accessories should fit into that. Also the available male accessories also certainly needed the female fits. It is being important to know this gender classification to use the bong bowls. If the user gained the knowledge on this then they have to get more knowledge on the size of the accessories and joints.

In these bong bowls, we could not say there are flexible sizes because all the sizes are already standardized. There are three major sizes used and their specification is 10, 14.4, and 18.8 mm.These sizes can be easily measured by using the dime. In most cases, the size of a 14.4 mm bowl is used.

The other accessories in the bong are bong adapters and these is utilized by the users for many reasons and mostly all are towards the change of bong look. It is used to convert the dab rig to bong bog and vice versa. Beyond these there are certain bowl attachments available and theseattachments are delivering a huge difference on the bong while using.

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