How to Approach Stores Who Sell Diamond Engagement Rings

Men and women want to be able to approach stores who offer diamond engagement rings that hit all of the right marks for them. These are cherished assets that are designed to sparkle and show off, providing an elegant heirloom that offers residual value for a lifetime.

This is quite the tall order for jewellers, creating a high threshold for soon-to-be newly weds who want to do their research and ensure they are working with a reputable supplier who has their best interests at heart.

We will look at the key techniques that shoppers can use when approaching engagement rings sellers, giving them the inside run on outlets that do offer the value they are looking for.

Shortlisting Diamond Shape Profiles

Diamond engagement rings are categorised by a number of elements, but the shape is a key consideration in this setting. Shoppers will be presented with square, marquise, rectangular, oval, heart and pear-shaped designs, giving constituents a chance to examine all of the profiles that are on display. The symmetry, size and polish of the brand will vary according to the shape and this is where consumers have to determine what they feel is stylish for their long-term needs.

Establishing Carat Weight

There will be a direct correlation for consumers when it comes to finding diamond engagement rings and the weight of the carat. This pertains to the physical weight of the diamond, creating a spectrum for those operating on a budget and others willing to spend big. Most clients will stick to the one to two-carat range at most, but there are others who will be happy to venture into the three, four and even five-carat range.

Diamond Clarity Factors

When shoppers are really digging into the details with diamond engagement rings, they will assess the clarity of the product. Heavier carats will commonly produce the best clarity, but there can be some differentiating factors that helps to pinpoint value in this regards. Consumers will want to avoid those blemishes and inclusions that will emerge during closer inspection. Any evidence pointing in that direction with inclusions and blemishes will drop the value of the investment.

Correct Metal Band

Diamond engagement rings have to be sourced as part of an overall package when calculating the metal band. There will be cheap selections that can be found with sterling silver and some white gold options, but the common displays will be found with gold, platinum and rose gold band profiles. Finding that suitable mix between the ring and the band will take some experimentation and advise from the official jeweller.

Customer Service Excellence

Diamond engagement rings have to be selected with a high degree of patience given the scope of the investment. These items have to tried out and tested by the recipients and have to be examined under different lighting conditions to be deemed worthy of a purchase. When approaching these stores, it is important to reflect on their performance through online ratings and referrals, helping to outline if they deliver excellence in the customer service field.

Financial & Insurance Measures

Rings of this profile will carry quite the price tag, even if it is sourced at the lower end of the market. In this setting, it is beneficial to find those suppliers who extend certain insurance measures within the package. This can arrive in the form of a warranty agreement, with safe casing options, repair and maintenance provisions or discounts if the ring and band are being purchased as an overall deal. If these components are in play with diamond engagement rings, then the official price tag can be put into perspective.

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