How to Market ‘Taboo’ Beauty and Health Products in Malaysia

There are a variety of things that we casually encounter yet it is a topic that people seem to avoid talking about. A big factor for the aversion of several issues is triggered by cultural taboos. From an entrepreneur’s standpoint, it remains a challenge to sell business to an interested consumer owing to the societal outlaws.

Taboos are nothing new in terms of selling beauty and health products in Malaysia. But the answer to the question of how to market beauty and health goods to mature consumers remains an unsound point of discussion. In this article, take a look at some of the strategies to gain effective reception to sell business in Malaysia.

Eliminate the Taboo in Mind

If a certain product initially evoked discomfort, the best suit to manage the nettle is through confronting the issue from the onset. Part of the statement tells you that the brand must portray breaking the oddity of a norm and turn it into something interesting.

It doesn’t have to be perfect, but it has to tackle certain points with limited flaws in order to make a beauty product a hit to the consumers. Furthermore, offer the product assuming that there is nothing to be ashamed of when consumers decide to purchase it.

Shift the Conversation

When it comes to converting an almost impermissible product into a bang in the beauty market, a business should identify the right timing of changing the conversation. Jules Lund, a marketing platform influencer, mentioned that the easiest way to make a marketing taboo work is through dealing with the awkwardness head-on.

If you expect a consumer to quickly think of some of your products as taboo, an entrepreneur should immediately attempt to break the awkwardness by beginning the conversation. As psychology says, ‘the more you encounter taboo things, the less taboo it becomes.’

Establish a Brand Identity with Industry Expertise

If your product remains to have underexposure for some reason, it may have been inflicted with misinformation or lack of public recognition. To break that cycle, an enterprise should consider turning its identity into a go-to expert brand for consumers. To achieve that, you can educate the public about certain misconceptions about a specific feature of your product.

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Market with Humor

In almost any sort of business line, inserting humor as part of product promotion is continuously becoming a trend. But a beauty and health brand should recognize that humor can be a platform to create a popular viral campaign in marketing an odd product.

For an instance, several deodorant companies have created an online stir using their products as a commodity for sex appeal. What it implies is that having an effective marketing promotion, no matter how taboo it is to a particular culture, could generate success if utilized the humor route properly.

Make it Catchy 

Another thing entrepreneurs could get inspiration in marketing their products is by embracing the awkwardness by coming up with a catchy and witty statement. While taboo in most cultures is a more or less serious concern, it doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t have fun with your product. To breakthrough, you have to turn catchy lines into good use by eliminating the stigma connected to the goods you offer.

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