Ink on Skin – The Connection between Tattoo and Fashion

Fashion is a representation of life where one can be creative, interesting, artistic, and expressive. A person who is far away from the reaches of fashion might not understand the value it holds but the more you will try to get to know the more there will be to explore. Many veterans of the fashion industry define fashion as a form of expression without the use of words.

People indulged in the fashion industry have a different way of defining fashion, everyone has their definition of what fashion is and that is the beauty and strength of this art. But one thing that never leaves this discussion is the creativity and artistic side of the industry that has been the driving force. So fashion is an expression of your creative artistic beauty and power to stand out with quality, integrity, and individuality.

The expression might be through clothing, jewelry, makeup, hairstyle, accessories, and the topic of our discussion here i.e. tattoos. It took a long time for the fashion industry to get to the idea that tattoo and fashion can go hand in hand and has a potential to influence the world in ways it cannot be by anything else.

Tattoos influenced people and the world in a lot similar way to fashion. To some while, it may seem likean illusion, a waste of resources and time but the beauty resides in the eyes of the viewer, and only the one who appreciates this art can understand its meaning. Tattoos have been around us for a long time. In many cultures, it is a tradition to have a tattoo that defines oneself or the people of the world. This is very much as same as fashion.

The ink on the skin is something that can be seen in the fashion capitals of the world like Paris, Milan, New York, London, Hong Kong, Rome, etc. These are just a few names where tattoo art is influencing people and the fashion industry. Someone can’t go and not find a Tattoo Shop in Rome. The passion that you feel when you walk into tattoo shops is moving and so creative.

Tattoos became part of fashion by the 1970s and 1980s but they were considered low class and vulgar previously. The things and thoughts about tattoos changed when people saw art, expression, beauty, passion, and a potential to change the mindset of the world in the tattoos. Every art is an expression of something that not everyone can understand. Even simplicity is an art in itself but so is being the extraordinary, the different, and the challenging. The tattoos are now worn as an accessory by models in the fashion industry.

Art, whatever it may be, should be appreciated and celebrated. Times change because that cannot be controlled but the art never changes, it remains the same; it just needs to be discovered and appreciated. It took a long time for tattoos to be something that the wearer is proud to show off and to be appreciated by the viewer but it happened and that is what needs to be remembered. Fashion is not just clothing or jewelry or accessories, it is a way to express yourself, to be able to create that defines you. And that is what connects tattoos and fashion.

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