Quick and Easy Tips to Fix Your Pant’s Broken Zipper

Everyone loves pants. Who doesn’t anyway? Men and women, young and old, wear pants. Pants can make you comfortable and make it easier and faster to move. You can also wear them for almost all events and occasions.

Today, you can find an extensive selection of different styles of pants with all of them comfortable to wear and looking gorgeous and chic. Now, while it is easy to have a lot of pants in your closet, keeping them in tiptop condition all the time is a completely different story.

One of the most common problems in pants is none other than a broken zipper and this is something that can get very frustrating. The frustration and annoyance only amps up if it happens to your favorite pair of pants and you are complete clueless about how you should fix in the first place.

This is why if you are a certified lover of pants, it can be very useful and handy to learn a few steps on how to repair a broken zipper. Below are the steps you need to follow so you can get your pant’s broken zipper fixed in no time at all!

1. Prepare all the things and materials you will need for the task including a pair of scissors, a pair of pliers, needle, and thick thread. This thread is thicker than the usual sewing thread and is often used for buttons.

2. Once you have gathered all the materials, it is now time to for you to use the pair of pliers to get rid of the metal bumper found at the zipper’s bottom. Afterwards, you should immediately zip the zipper down to the very bottom.

3. The next step is to arrange the zipper teeth and for this, all you need to use is your own fingers.  Rearrange and straighten out the teeth of the zipper. Zip the zipper up halfway and do it slowly. Take note if the teeth don’t lock together.

4. See to it that the sides of the zipper teeth are both straight then proceed to stitching it up. In this particular step, you will need the thread and needle to sew around the spot where the metal stopper used to be. Make sure that you also sew around the bottom part of the zipper until there are a total of six stitches in place. Of course, you will also need to tie off in a knot on the back part of the zipper.

5. The last step is for to pull the zipper all the way to the very top. Once done, your job is finished. The repaired zipper will no longer catch or jam.

That’s easy, isn’t it? This only means that you no longer need to go to the nearest tailor just so you can repair your pant’s broken zipper because you can already fix it yourself.

Visit to find the best replacement zippers for your broken one on your pants so you can start using it once again as if nothing happened!

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