Safety Concerns When Getting A Tattoo

Tattoos or piercings is common amidst people across the globe which is an interesting way of expressing oneself. The reasons to get tattoo may vary amongst people still it interests numerous. Zillion designs available and depends on the desire, people get it done. In the recent days, japanese tiger tattoo has become familiar amidst youths. No matter what designs you are trying out, keeping up with the health and safety issues in mind is prominent. Some of the necessary things you need to consider are listed as follows.

Safety concerns:

The odds of procuring wounds and infection is high in the path of getting a tattoo. Sometimes, it may bleed while tattooing. When cared less, these infections and bleeding may cause permanent deformity, severe illness and even some deadly health conditions. The needles they use becomes the reason for the risk of cross-contamination. Your artist must use new and disposable needle else blood-borne disease like hepatitis B, HIV, tetanus will be transmitted into your blood.

Dye used while tattooing is also a significant thing to look after. Most of the dyes are prepared from metals. Such dyes can cause skin irritation and allergic reaction. Sometimes those allergies and skin irritation are life threatening whereas other times causes irritation for longer time span. The carcinogenic effect of dyes is still in studies which might surprise or make us double think to get one. Sensitivity of the body part should be considered when getting the tattoo. It is better not to prefer ear cartilage, tongue, eyebrows, nipples, genitals for any attractive tattoos. This may increase the hitches in the future which is worth regretting.

Things to look after:

To avoid all the above-mentioned hitches, keeping an eye on the following things are obligatory. It lets you own a tattoo without experiencing any hitches.

  • The artist and parlor should be clean. They must have separate area for tattooing.
  • The parlor or studio must have autoclave. The autoclave equipment is responsible for the sterilization of needles etc. If you couldn’t fish out any in the parlor, gluing with their service isn’t necessary always.
  • Needles and other piercing equipment should be used once and disposed. It should be opened in front of you before commencing the procedure.
  • A new latex gloves should be worn by the artist every time.
  • Do not agree for the piercing gun. It cannot be sterilized properly. It is prone to communicate diseases.
  • Piercing needles should be non-allergic as well as available in variety of size. The needles made of stainless steel-300 series; titanium is worth considering.

When getting a tattoo, never forget to ask the aftercare instructions. Understand the purpose of the aftercare and follow it properly. Use anti-bacterial soaps to wash the area and moisturize it properly. Applying sunscreens are also worth considering option. It keeps your skin stay away from bacterial infection and retains the moisturizing in the skin.

If you ever feel uncomfortable with your artist or in parlor, just leave without thinking much.

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