Some unknown facts about IPL

Today, every person goes through a hectic schedule and so, they can’t afford to spend lots of time shaving. According to a beauty poll, on average, women spend 72 days of their lives shaving their legs. And so, it can be concluded that women end up wasting close to 2 and ½ months on razor bumps. However, the good news is people have got more options to get rid of unwanted hair and one of the effective methods is light-based hair removal. IPL or Intense Pulsed Light and laser hair removal process are considered safe processes to produce excellent hair reduction results.

What is meant by Intense Pulsed Light hair removal?

The devices of IPL do apply highly gentle pulses of lights and it also makes the hair reach its resting place. As the hair falls out, a person’s body grows lesser hair in that specific part. Another good thing about IPL is its smoothness does last for a lengthier time. When women go through Musee IPL they get rid of hair for eight whole weeks! The process of IPL does not remain confined to legs only as its smart curved attachments do treat your bikini area, underarms, and face too. Hence, it does not come as a surprise that IPL has managed to substitute wax treatments, epilators, and shavers.

The process of IPL

During the treatment process of IPL, a hand-held device does deliver a broad-spectrum and visible pulse of light commonly during the visible range of 400-1200 nm. The job of IPL is targeting the difference in melanin that makes a difference in skin complexion and hair shaft. And so, it can be said that IPL turns into a vital treatment process for people having an obvious contrast in skin and hair color. 

When the light gets absorbed, then the bulb as well the hair shaft becomes heated and it results in the destruction of the hair-producing papilla. The duration and numbers of IPL treatments do vary based on the person and size of the part that is being treated. Nonetheless, IPL has many similarities to the laser hair removal treatment process as both utilize light for heating and destroying elements of undesired hair.

When waxing has failed to provide you with long-lasting outcomes and if you find electrolysis to be highly expensive, then you must opt for IPL treatments as they would be ideal for you.

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