Top Hotel Booking Mistakes You Should Not Make

No matter what is the purpose of your trip, there are numerous important decisions to be made heading to it. Just a few of the numerous things you’ll need to think about before your holiday include how you are going to get there, what you would accomplish, where do you plan to eat, and most critically , where would you stay?  Certainly, you can choose a dubai hotel if you are in this city but there are certain mistakes that often make when booking a hotel. So, this post is all about that thing only for making you better at booking your hotel for the next tour or holiday you take.

Be careful with the pricing of the hotels

Hotel rates characteristically don’t include tax or even other expenses. So, when you are creating a travel budget, make sur that you do factor this in with the projected cost of your accommodation — you don’t really want to be in for a uncouth shock!

Make sure that you do include taxes and other surcharges when you are comparing room prices too, and check out if the hotel levies any sort of other fees, like a cover charge. And if you are simply calling a resort for a quotation, be confident to ask for the complete fee including taxes. It is a great idea to inquire about parking expenses as well.

You cannot always get the perfect room in the hotel

You might have booked a room well in advance and once you land up at the hotel, you could expect a room having the best view, nearest to the elevator, on a specific floor and close to the WiFi hub. While it is definitely possible for that to happen, it may not always be the thing, so it would be nice if you stay reasonable with your expectations.

Accuracy with your dates

The dates of travel are one of the main things that many travellers do get confused with. It is even one of the biggest hotel booking error as different hotels bill their guests with their own billing durations. Some book in simply 12 hour cycles and others in that of 24 hour cycles, similarly ensure the booking date and the traveling dates do match.

Hotel booking suggestion : in case you are traveling through different time zones, in case your flight is an overnight one and in case your hotel is quite far from the airport, ensure you do the required research and book the dates rightly as you will end up paying unnecessarily for time you did not really even spend in the hotel. Come on, this is not a joke, people do end up making such mistakes.

Making reservations at non-refundable costs

It’s quite normal to discover better rates in case you do make a reservation through a third-party website. These websites work on the premise that hotels might rather have a room reserved at a discounted expense than have it remain vacant. The downside, however, is that such are the platforms and websites that often can’t promise you a refund in case you need to cancel a booking.

In case of any sort of a personal emergency or last-minute cancellation, be definite not to withhold. These websites or platforms even often offer you options to stay flexible with either a last-minute cancellation or even change of date. It is better for you to pay little bit extra because you simply never know.


To sum up , you can check out the options in the hotels in Maldives on your trip to this place. But make sure you don[‘t make any of the mistakes the post underlined for you.

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