Best Personalized Gifts for Daughter

Depending on the age, gifts for daughters are a bit tricky. It’s good and all when they are younger when they all want to play the same toy over and over again. As they grow up and spread their wings, you wonder when they stopped loving the same things. Suddenly, it’s all about BTS, ukuleles or Kyle Jenner’s makeup kits. 

Really, gift buying for your little ladies shouldn’t be so daunting or difficult. Some things should be simple like this guide for your daughter. 

  • Toys

Some girls go up too fast but hopefully some can still appreciate the joys of having a toy in their hands. You can try your hand at these wonderful board games and make believe.

Throw Throw Burrito, Exploding Kittens and Jenga are family fun (and BFF friendly, too!) Older daughters will enjoy the timelessness of these games. 

  • Electronics

Try a bluetooth activated pair of loudspeakers so your little jitterbug can jump, dance and sway to the beat of her favorite Korean boy/girl band. Or maybe a 3D pen where she can design and draw up her favorite pets. Try STEM kits where she can even include a motor so her creation can skip and hop along with her. 

  • Jewelry and Makeup

Washable hair chalks, vegan makeup kits, and hair accessories make up for one enjoyable cheap hair session at home (or with her friends post COVID). You can bond with her as she tries on some trendy fashion styles on her hair and face. 

Don’t be afraid to explore infinite possibilities to teach her the basics of beauty and being beautiful inside and out. The best part? You can wash them out easily and try again some other time. 

  • Hobbies

What does your little princess enjoy doing? For budding artists, you can try your hand at watercolors and your coloring by numbers for kids and adults. For baking enthusiasts, a set of baking tools, an apron, and some lovely ingredients. Allow her to try her hand at multicultural recipes. 

For the dancer in training, a full length mirror, a pair of suitable wear and fairy lights can set a homemade dance studio at home. Does she enjoy sports? Give her the equipment to improve her skills. Music? Just give in to her urges of a ukulele. It just might be the push she needs to train herself. 

  • Extra Sweet

No gift is ever complete without a personalized gift. Have her name engraved in a necklace with a pendant or a lamp shade with your message. This is a classic gift that she will learn to cherish for all her life. She’ll thank you (if she doesn’t thank you now) in the years to come. 

Image 1. Personalized Table Lamp Shade from

Your little princess won’t stay little forever. Despite the difficulties of growing up, you should be able to show her how you value her as your daughter. Gifts and your good old tender loving care will be the most cherished treasure in her life. 

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