What Color Is Baby’s Breath?


Baby’s breath flower, which has the Latin name gypsophila, is an annual and perennial plant that grows with a thick and branched taproot. The trunk is erect and multi-branched, and some species bend to the ground. Each small flower has a cup-shaped flower and has five petals. They have white, yellow, and pink colors. 

Not only do they have the meaning of eternal love, but they have health benefits. It is known that these pretty little flowers contain compounds that can increase the strength of people living with leukemia to combat the effects of drugs. There are even several species of baby breath that are deliberately cultivated for commercial purposes. They are ingredients for making herbs and foods, such as complementing the aroma in ice cream and cheese. Even its saponin content is beneficial in the production of photographic films. In comparison, the detergent content is one of the ingredients for soap and shampoo.

Most people know this flower is famous for its white color that looks like snow. But actually, they have three colors, namely pink, white, and yellow. Like most flowers, each of them has its meaning. The striking yellow color has a bold charm and means light in joy. So they are often given birthday, anniversary, or graduation gifts. It is because they represent our joy to feel happy on their happy day. This flower is also often used as a wedding decoration. So when you want to give flowers to your loved ones, a baby breath bouquet, then adjust your feelings to baby breath meaning. Sing See Soon provides a comprehensive guide on flower pairing using baby’s breath should you want to create your very own bouquet. 

Meanwhile, pink, a color that symbolizes love and affection, is very suitable for mothers who have just given birth. Especially if they give birth to a baby girl, the meaning of sincerity and purity suits them very well. Or you can also give them on the first date to show your admiration and sincerity for the people you love.

And for this, popular color has a meaning as true love and eternal love. They are not only suitable to be given to your lover, but they can also be given to your family and friends. Especially given to your beautiful mother on Mother’s Day. They are very suitable to symbolize the figure of a great woman who loves her child sincerely. These cute little flowers can also represent your great love for them. As we all know, baby breath pink is suitable for mothers who give birth to girl babies. Well, white Baby breath is suitable for mothers who have given birth to baby boys.

Are you interested in growing it at home? Then you can follow the easy instructions as follows:

  1. Selection of seeds.

We recommend that you choose seeds that you can obtain at a flower shop or online shop that provides various imported flowers. Because this will shorten your time and they will arrive safely using a flower delivery Singapore service. It would be best if you chose quality seeds. You can confirm this by immersing them in water, and the good seeds will sink to the bottom of the water. After the seeds arrive, check the seed packaging to make sure the seeds are neatly wrapped and dry or not damp.

  1. Growing media.

The media that you can use to plant this beautiful little one can be directly in the soil of your home page, or it can be in a pot. Make sure you choose a growing place that is far from waste or kitchens. They cannot grow up breathing the gases produced from rotten food waste, fruits, and vegetables.

For those planted directly in the soil, make sure it is a good one with a loose texture. Clean it from weeds before planting to prevent stunted growth and maintain flower fertility. Make sure they have a pH of around 5-7. If the pH is too acidic, then add dolomite fertilizer in addition to plant fertilizer. While planting in potting media, make sure you use loose soil. Mix them with compost in a ratio of 2: 1.

  1. Seeding

Seedlings can be done using trays or polybags. The planting medium in the nursery can be a mixture of loose soil, manure, or compost and husk charcoal. After the preparation is complete, the seeds can be sown on the seedling medium and cover with seedling soil. After that, water them with the spray in the morning and evening and put them in a space with enough sunlight. Let them grow to about 5 cm and ready to be transplanted.

  1. Transfer of planting media

If they grow well, they can be removed, and make sure you have made the planting holes first. Then separate them and don’t just pluck them out. You can use a tool such as a small shovel to separate the soil from the seedlings. Pull it out by shaking it slowly, making sure that the seeds are of good quality with intact and unblemished characteristics, and paying attention to the roots. Don’t get damaged. Put them into the planting hole, and then cover the planting hole with mixed soil. Sprinkle the fertilizer over the planting medium, and don’t forget to compact the soil so that the plant can stand firmly.

  1. Care

You can do watering properly and regularly at least once a day using the spray method. In addition, you can also do further fertilization every two weeks while weeding and provide additional nutrition once a week.

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