Signs it’s time to propose to your partner

“Will you marry me?” is one of the most important questions you’ll ever ask, and it’s vital that you get it right. There’s no point in doing it too soon if your relationship is not ready for the next step, but if you leave it too long, you might raise doubts in your partner’s mind and she might lose interest in your relationship. Below, we’ve put together some signs you need to look out for that tell you it’s time to propose – follow these and you’ll be onto a real winner…

You’re thinking about a baby

Although times have changed a great deal in recent years and there’s no expectation to be married before you have a child, it’s still a tradition many couples like to upkeep. Indeed, deciding to get married allows you to provide a safe and stable home for your child, and it makes it easier financially and legally, too. If you and your partner are seriously considering trying for a baby, then perhaps it’s time to go down on one knee. After all, if you’re committed enough to be planning a baby, then we’re sure you’re committed enough to get married, too.

Friends keep asking you

There comes a time in your life when all of your friends begin to settle down, have their own babies, and get married. Once they do, it’ll become the main topic of conversation, and you’ll be bombarded with questions about when you’re going to propose every time you see your close mates. The truth is unless you have a good reason not to, there are only so many excuses you can come up with before you say “heck, why not!?” and pop the question. The best part is if your friends have been there and done that, they can give you some advice.

She’s looking at rings

If your partner has expressed an interest in engagement rings, or perhaps even shown you some of her favorites, the chances are that she’s sowing the seeds and wants you to propose. Now is your opportunity to learn what she likes and doesn’t like in a ring and find the right one. Of course, nobody is saying that you need to propose just because she wants you to, but it’s likely that she’s ready and is waiting for your big question. If you think you need some more time, then it’s worthwhile sitting her down and explaining the situation.

You think you’re ready

Finally, you might be thinking that you’re now ready to propose to your partner. It’s so easy to feel pressured into it from others, or indeed feel like it’s something you simply need to do to progress the relationship, but that’s not the case. There might come a time in life where you think, “actually, I can see the benefits of settling down and getting married, and I think it’s right for me.” If the pros of marriage outweigh the cons and you know you want to be with your partner for the rest of your life, now’s your chance: you only have to ask the question.

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