Clothing Repair Chiswick

For people that want to make the most of what is already in their wardrobe, the internet can be a great place to learn about owning a sustainable wardrobe and getting inspiration for styling your existing clothes into something exciting.

For example, browsing Instagram and Pinterest can give you ideas about wearing the garments you already own and creating timeless outfits that will look good for longer.

While it is a great move to continue wearing the clothing you already own and feel comfortable wearing, sometimes time does take its toll, and your favourite clothes often can sustain some minor damage.

Rather than throwing out these items, it can save your wardrobe (and a lot of money) by getting any minor damage repaired by our team at American Dry Cleaning Company, Chiswick.

Saving the planet one garment at a time

For those interested in living a more conscious, mindful life, buying new clothes kind of goes against the grain. When you think that each new piece of clothing we buy will have countless chemical treatments and fabric dyes applied to it before it lands in our hands, it is not very healthy for the planet to go out and buy new clothes each week.

Instead, more people are now looking at the clothes they already have in their wardrobe and finding ways to carry on wearing them. Yes, clothes will eventually wear out, but as long as we make the conscious decision to buy fair-trade, eco-friendly, or organic clothing, which is, of course, better for people and the environment, it can be expensive.

However, investing in some core quality pieces that are made to last longer will work out cheaper in the long run. But what happens when we accidentally tear a sleeve, catch a hem or stretch out the seams of a favourite outfit?

We can get them repaired, that’s what!

Expert clothing repair services, Chiswick

Smart clothes shoppers are now making the most of charity shops and vintage stores to uncover some unique and often iconic pieces that otherwise would have gone to landfills.

Our clothing repair team in our Chiswick branch of American Dry Cleaning Company have seen a sharp increase in demand from environment-conscious go-getters wanting us to repair minor damage to their vintage shopping finds.

We have even seen customers bringing us clothes that they have swapped with their family and friends for minor repairs. A common fix is where buttons are missing off shirts, waistbands or cuffs, seams are coming apart, zips need replacing, or coats with small moth holes or cigarette burns.

Apart from some minor damage, the clothes our customers are bringing in are of excellent quality. We appreciate that our team is helping to keep so much clothing waste from going to landfills.

If you have some old favourite clothing items sitting at the back of your wardrobe that you are not wearing because of some minor damage, then it is time to dust them off!

Bring your damaged clothing, handbags and shoes to our branch in Chiswick and let our in-house repair team fix them for you.

You can find our expert repair team at 5 Grove Park Road, Chiswick, W4 3RS.

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