Everything about A Metalwallet: You Should Know

A metal wallet is an emerging trend that transforms the way people store their cards. Besides being secure, it offers a unique look and feel unlike anything else on the market.

The design comes in two types of metals: Copper and Titanium. The copper version has a more traditional look, while the titanium one has interesting physical properties. The jacket is made of bonded tech fabric, which has unique properties which help to resist heat, stains, and water damage. You can take the cards out of their pockets and place them in your wallet, just like a standard credit card or ID wallet.

What type of cards can go in a metalwallet?

Any card, they’ll hold a maximum of 5 different types of cards. They’re compatible with your metalwallet if it’s got a magnetic strip on it. Some people choose to store reward cards, such as frequent flyer rewards and airline punch cards. It’s all up to you.

What kind of metal is it made out of?

The metal wallet is made out of a light yet durable material. It’s easy to carry around due to its slim profile and portable size, perfect for everyday use. It also offers RFID protection against theft and fraudulent access. RFID chips are part of the design process on most credit cards now, but they can be hacked from a distance–with this in mind, you’ll want to protect your sensitive information from prying eyes.

How Do I Use My Metalwallet?

Insert the cards you need through the front clasp, then close the outer flap over them to secure them inside the jacket. When you’re ready to use your card, open up that same flap and slide it out for easy access.

What Other Features Does The Metalwallet Have?

The metal wallet has a built-in magnet to help keep everything secure. The strong interest prevents your cards from falling out, even if you shake them vigorously. It’s also made with RFID protection. When you’re shopping in stores or using your credit card online, thieves may be able to harvest the information from your card and steal your identity. However, with the RFID technology in place, they won’t be able to read the data on your cards.

What’s the benefit of storing cards this way?

This type of wallet is easy to use and simple to take out whenever you need it, perfect for everyday use. It also offers a safe place for your credit cards, ensuring they’re kept protected from the elements and prying eyes. There’s no need to keep an entire wallet on you at all times–you can store up to 5 different cards in your metal wallet and look back at the last time you were out without carrying a purse or bag around with you.

But wait, I thought wallets with any metal would affect my credit cards.


There’s a widespread belief that keeping your cards in a wallet with any amount of metal will damage the magnetic strip on their back, rendering them unusable. This couldn’t be further from the truth–the metal that it’s made out of prevents interference with your card’s magnetic strip, proving that you can have both convenience and security in a single product.

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