Get the best quality gemstone from the online market!!

Get the best quality gemstone from the online market!!

What is Paraiba tourmaline? It is a unique and rare type of tourmaline and is known for its color which is Neon Blue, Green, and Blue-Green colors. In Brazil, the production of Paraiba is more. Every passing year the price of this is increasing. You can get all sizes and shapes of tourmaline. If you want you can buy or shop this online for the best stone. The price of this stone is not the same it depends on the color of the stone. For the deep blue color, the price is high but for the green color, the price varies. So let’s begin the journey to know more. 

What is Paraiba stone?

When we talk about Paraiba tourmaline we can see that it is bright neon in color. It is known for its color, the range is Off-color can last from green to brightest blue. This gemstone is important only if is important in color. It is found in Africa and this is stone has much value in the market. This gem was first created in 1980. The cost of this stone is almost dollar 20,000 per carat. In the current market situation, you will find this color off gemstone very rarely. It is always said that the color of this gemstone is important other than the clarity of this stone.

Reviews about customers

Talking about various reviews about the customer we can go through certain points.

  • The Paraiba tourmaline is the one that will give you a better result and is classy by nature. You can adapt this for your personal use.
  • The glue of this is neon and the radiance it provides is magical.
  • This product is used all over the world but in Thailand and Sri Lanka, it is used the most.
  • This product will have various features and not only neon or green it is also off white color which look very pretty and beautiful.

In the above article, we will be talking about the beautiful stone Paraiba tourmaline. The reviews and results of this stone are quite good. If you want you can easily purchase this online but check once before buying. But the current situation is not good and due to the pandemic mainly people buy products online so be safe and buy online. The cut of this stone is pretty good as compared to others. Also, colors matter a lot and the color of this stone is green and blue. 

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