History Of Clock And Watchmaking And Most Popular Luxury Watchmaking Brands

When it comes to luxury and status symbol possession, wristwatches are one of the first things that come into our minds. According to the history of clocks and watches, London was the main city to dominate this business. From the early 1500s to the 1800s only a big clock was used, this clock used to be hanged mostly in some monuments or buildings or clock houses. The clock at that time was not exactly like today. These big clocks used to do bell in some important times of the day like at the time of prayer etc. During the late 1870s, Americans started taking over London in watchmaking. American watchmakers made some golf the beat watches of all time during the 1890s. The watchmakers were constantly trying to make better watches in the terms of both precisions of time and design. During this time only pocket watches were popular and Americans were leading manufacturing it. 

So to compete for the USA, in their pocket watches Europeans started making west watches, and that’s where all it began from simple wristwatches to today’s luxury brands like roles oyster, omega, Breitling, etc. However surprising enough wristwatches were primarily worn by only women in swiss and it was considered feminine for men to wear wristwatches. But Sweden sends money and watches to Hollywood actors to wear in movies as much as they can to normalize men wearing what watches and after that only old men carried pocket watches and from then till now, wristwatches are considered the main accessories for me.

In Modern Times, Some Of The Most Popular Luxury Brand For Watches Are:

  • Omega

Omega is one of the oldest luxury watch brands. This swiss brand was formed in 1903. Omega is known for its exquisite quality of timekeeping and classic-looking aesthetics. Omega Constellation is the most expensive watch made by this company.

  • Patek Phillipe

Patek Phillips is known for its royalty. It was formed in the year Breitling1851. It is a Swiss luxury brand. Patek Philippe is known as one of the best brands when it comes to handmade it is famous for its complex inner workings with every part made with hands. Patek Phillipe is linked to royalty as queens and kings of England have worn these watches.

  • Rolex

Rolex is the most identified and popular luxury watch brand. It is revolutionary when it comes to watchmaking. Rolex first made dustproof and waterproof watches in the world. Rolex oyster is the first known waterproof watches.  

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