Different Traditional Clothes and Major Communities Residing In Malaysia

The major communities residing in Malaysia involve Malay, Indian, and Chinese. Each of these communities has its customary clothes. These clothes reflect the culture of the communities and radiate beauty from multiple colors printed on them. Usually, the people in Malaysia wear cultural clothes only for particular events and occasions. So, if you’re wondering how to create a new look on your special occasions, read on as we dig into the major communities and their traditional clothes. Also, if you’re looking for an alterations and repairs Malaysia tailor, we have a perfect recommendation for you.

Malay Communities

They are the leading communities of Malaysia. Their cultural dress is Pakaian which is vibrant and reflects originality. Males and females have different sets of Pakaian. For male, it is named bajumelayu and the traditional clothes for females are named Kemban and bajukurung.

BajuMelayu is put together with a sarong, also called sampin, and a trouser. Also, some males choose to put on batik shirts with a sarong. The look is made more vibrant by matching the dress with songkok. Songkok is a traditional hat, also known as kopiah.

Likewise, Kemban was the ancient attire for females. Recently, bajukurung has made its place as a traditional outfit for females in the Malay community. This dress is matched with a scarf on the head.

Indian Communities

There is a good relationship between India and Malaysia. So, Indians in Malaysia share their traditional dresses in the community. Dhoti-kurta, kurta-pyjama, and long-Kurti are the attire for males. Kurta is modified to sherwani for special events such as weddings, or any festivals.

And, Blouses, saree, and kurta salwar are the commonly worn traditional dresses for females. Saree has a long length that’s draped all around the body, designed in a way so that pleats are created and it looks like a long skirt. Likewise, a dupatta or long scarf is matched with a kurta salwar.

Chinese Communities

Most Chinese people don’t prefer to dress in a traditional way. Yet, on special occasions, males put on tang suits and females put on the cheongsam, also known as long-dress.

Tang suits are named for the strength of Chinese people. They are called Tang people by the foreigners. The dress is vibrant and usually floral.

Cheongsam, sometimes known by the name qipao, is a single-piece long dress. It’s worn at the length of the ankle by elder people, also called samfoo attire. Hanfu is another clothing worn by Chinese females in Malaysia. It is two-piece clothes that include a blouse and a long skirt.


These are the major communities residing in Malaysia. They reflect their culture and tradition by aforementioned attire on special occasions. You can count on Lai Chai Fashion to get the best outfit for your special events. The alterations & repairs service takes care of every detail to make your clothes as per your taste.

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