Malaysia: BajuKebaya and Its Elements

BajuKebaya is famous among the communities of Malay. These are generally matched with songket, kain, or batik. It can be made as per the requirement of the owner for any events, or celebrations, or in a regular way. If you are looking for a go-to tailor for alterations & repairs service, Lai Chan Fashion is the expert for designing and altering the clothes as per your requirements.

Kebaya is also known as a blouse and it can be made from lace, silk, cotton, velvet, or brocade. The kebaya has a central opening pinned with a central kerongsang where two ends of the kebaya meet. Here are the components of the kebaya.


It’s usually semi-transparent and is worn with kemben traditionally. It can be customized as loose or tight-fitting and is decorated with glitters or stitches.


Kebaya is translucent, semi-transparent. Therefore, you need an undergarment to cover the breasts. Conventionally torso wraps are matched under the kebaya. However, it has been modified by matching the color of the bra, corset, or camisole. Likewise, kutang is a common undergarment that is used by elder females. Kutang is cotton material and has a bra-like structure.

Brooch (Kerongsang)

It’s used to join two flaps of the blouse as there were no buttons on the traditional kebaya. It’s made of gold, silver, iron, or brass. It can be decorated with valuable stones. It often represents social status. It’s composed of a mother piece and two child pieces. The mother piece is heavier and larger than the child piece.

Skirt (Kain/Sarong)

It’s a long piece of cloth about three meters in length. Kain is unstitched and requires a helper to put the dress. While, the sarong is stitched and forms a tube. It’s paired with a belt which is often stylish and decorated.


Kebaya has a V-shaped or square collar traditionally. Now, it has been modified and is designed as per the customer requirements.


There are two forms of bajukebaya fabrics. They’re: semi-transparent and transparent.

Cuttings & Fittings

Bajukebaya can be made of loose fittings or tight fittings. Muslim women generally prefer loose-fittings with a full-sleeved blouse and long-length skirt.

These are the several components ofbajukebaya. You can get to know more about the latest modifications and styles of bajukebaya just by clicking here: bajukebaya alteration Malaysia.

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