What Does The 925 Stamp On Jewelry Mean?

Jewelry buyers are aware of a 925 stamp on jewelry, be it silver or gold. But many wonder what it means and its importance. People who don’t deal with jewelry purchases frequently may find it mystifying. However, it is important to know the history, and it is fascinating. 

Any piece of jewelry with a stamp indicates that it has sterling silver. It is an alloy containing 92.5% of the real silver compound and rests metal made from copper or others. It is hard than fine silver, and this is what qualifies it for objects and jewelry. This silver is perfect for bracelets or rings that have a chance of dent or scratch than earrings.

Why is Sterling Silver used as Additives?

Sterling silver contains copper as an alloy, and this perfectly meets the sterling standard. This indicates that you have jewelry consisting of 92.5% silver and 7.5% of copper by weight. If only silver has 92.5% purity, it should be sterling silver, known as 925 silver.   

The sterling silver is easy to work with, gives a white shine that makes the jewelry look like having precious metal. On the contrary, German silver is only 80% silver and has varying durability than sterling silver. If actual silver seems expensive, sterling silver is a good option to try. The stamp is an indication that it follows the standards of measuring material and manufactures it right.

How is 925 Silver Tested?

Jewelry without a stamp indicates that it is plated and it is appropriate to have a tested piece. It is worth the money you are spending on the jewelry. Jewelers put nitric acid in a small amount to check the authenticity of the metal. This indicates whether silver is plated or pure. If the area turns creamy white, it is pure silver, and if green, it is silver plated material.       

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