How can Bomb or Ballistic Blankets save lives?

You may want to known the latest introductions in the defense market. Bomb Blankets are increasing in popularity the world over among the military, policy and security companies. Such items are said to save a good number of lives. It is rather designed to shield people against metal fragments, shrapnel, bullets and other harmful objects. Para-aramid fiber and Kevlar are considered to be the primary protective materials that are used to create such items.

Know the popular high-grade types

You can come across Ballistic or Bomb Blankets of the following types:

  • NIJ Level IIIA (17 grain V50 600m/s)
  • NIJ Level II (17 grain V50 550m/s)
  • NIJ Level IIA (17 grain V50 450m/s)
  • Fragmentation blankets (17 grain V50 300m/s)

Benefits of selecting Bomb Blankets

These blankets are designed to protect the wearer against metal fragments, shrapnel and 9mm bullets. Unfortunately, there may erupt unwanted volatile war-situations or riots involving explosions. These defensive items are used by the law security personnel and the military. These days, it also finds great use in general industrial purposes. With the world facing dangers in the form of terrorist attacks, bomb explosions have almost become common. Studies have revealed that explosions take pace even before the experts start to neutralize the bomb.

Bomb Blankets are the best solution for those compelled to work in areas that are infested with bomb attacks. These items will provide effective and quick shield against hand grenades, pipe bombs, metal fragments, etc. It is also noticed that certain explosives are kept under these blankets to minimize its impact. This is done mostly if the bomb squads are not in a position to defuse the bomb completely. A few of the ballistic blankets are designed using superior strength ballistic materials. It comes with several benefits including shielding the use from harmful blasts, mine clearance operations, etc. It is also used as a provisional transportable barrier exclusively for VIPs and is swathed over the windows. They are also used in barricade situations to protect police or military personnel.

Bomb Blankets or ballistic blankets can be used judiciously to enhance industrial safety applications. They can offer safety in places where there are expected potential explosion. These items are built with handling straps and heavy-duty nylon setting. This allows careful placement especially over the alleged explosive gadgets. The blanket rings are designed to direct blasts upwards in case of suspected device or package thus protecting lives.

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