7 Reasons to Choose Kraft Paper Bags Over Plastic for Your Home Grocery

If you are looking for a way to reduce your carbon footprint, there are many different options out there. One of the best is to switch from plastic grocery bags to paper ones. Some people may think this will be more expensive, but it isn’t! Here are six reasons why you should choose kraft paper over plastic when it comes time to do your home grocery shopping:

Reason #1: They Are Reusable

One of the biggest benefits of using a paper bag over a plastic one is to reuse it. Some people use them for small trash bags around their house, while others have been known to take them on vacation with them and use them instead of buying souvenirs at tourist locations! Colored paper shopping bags also make very inexpensive and unique gift bags for weddings, birthdays, or other holidays.

No matter what your reason is for wanting to bring something from home when shopping, this will be much easier if you bring reusable bags rather than having to remember multiple single-use ones each time.

Reason #2: They Are Compostable

This makes paper grocery bags even better in reducing your carbon footprint because they don’t end up polluting our oceans or landfills as others do. These kinds break down in your compost heap, so they are a wonderful way to recycle.

Reason #3: They Are Cheaper

This is one of the main reasons people prefer paper bags over plastic ones because it does save them money! The average price for a roll of 100 can be anywhere from $12-$20 depending on where you buy them and how many other items you purchase at the same time that require bags. In comparison, if you were buying single-use plastic grocery sacks each week, this would cost much more than double even though both take up about the same amount of room in your trash bin or landfill after being disposed of properly. Kraft paper bags wholesale also tend to be much cheaper than plastic ones.

Reason #4: They Can Repel Moisture

Since most kraft paper bags are made from recycled materials, they typically have a natural wax that makes it easy to repel moisture. This is great for protecting your groceries and preventing things like condensation or rain from getting inside the bag while you carry it home with you! Paper bags with window designs are also available and perfect for showing people what is inside so that you can cut down on packaging even more.

Reason #5: They Have Sturdy Handles & Ties

Since they are made from paper instead of plastic or other materials, it makes sense that these bags would be sturdier! They don’t have to worry about the weight potentially causing them to break like some single-use plastics do. Paper shopping bags or tin-tie bags come with sturdy handles and ties, which make it easy to carry your goods home in style without having anything fall out along the way. You can use specific reusable grocery sacks if you prefer something different, though, because most stores will happily reuse those over again themselves when customers return them later at checkout time.

Reason #6: They Are Lighter Than Plastic

You may not realize this when comparing both types of grocery sacks side-by-side, but paper bags tend to weigh significantly less than their plastic counterparts. Some people even say they can feel a big difference in hand weight alone since these don’t add extra pounds! Even if they didn’t look different at first glance, choosing lighter over heavier will be better for everyone’s backs and knees, no matter what kind of shape we’re in.

Reason #7: They Are Eco-Friendly

The best part about choosing kraft paper grocery bags over plastic ones is that they are eco-friendly! These kinds of sacks will help you reduce your carbon footprint and be better for the environment than single-use plastics or other disposable options if disposed of properly after use. This makes them a wonderful “green” choice that you can feel good about! Paper packaging manufacturers work hard to create these bags without resorting to harmful chemicals or practices that would hurt the environment.


There are many benefits to using Kraft paper bags over plastic. For example, they can be used more than once, and they won’t negatively impact the environment when thrown away. If you have been considering switching from plastic grocery sacks or adding these eco-friendly alternatives into your home grocery shopping routine, we hope this blog post has given you some food for thought!

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