How to Make a DIY Beaded Phone Charm?

Trying to decorate your cell phone? Well, using a phone charm can be the best idea. This beautiful accessory does not only look good but also can represent your style. There are various websites that sell phone charms. However, you can make a beaded one by yourself. Here is the step-by-step process to make this accessory.

What You Need?

Before you start the DIY process, you need to collect the required items. Well, these accessories are simple to make. So, you don’t need a lot of things. You just need three things: beads, string, and scissors.

How To Make Beaded Phone Charm?

Cut Your String

The first thing you need to do is cutting the string. 15’’ cutting is ideal for this DIY. Once you are done with the cutting, make sure you are folding it in half. Plus, try to take the string longer as you can cut it later.

Tie a Knot to create a loop

Next, you have to tie a knot 1’’ down from the folded end of the string. So, it will create a loop that you will use later as a strap on your phone. If you are using bigger beads, you need to make a larger loop.

Add Beads to Each Half

This is the most crucial step of this DIY process. Choose beads as per your requirements. You can get various packs of beads online. Next, you have to add them one by one. Once it’s done, the string could start to fray. You can wax the string for smoothing the frayed ends.

Tie Knots to Secure Both Sides

When you are done with the third step, you need to tie knots in both beaded sides. In fact, you can double the knots. When it’s done, leave little room and then trip the extended part.

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