Alternative Gift Ideas for your Mom’s Birthday

If you’re reading this, it means your Mom’s birthday is around the corner. This means you need to get her a great gift because after all, Mom’s are the best right? However, over the years, you’ve probably bought her quite a few gifts which means getting her something new that you haven’t already got her can be tricky. So, how can avoid gift recycling? By getting her an alternative. There are so many places you can look for alternative gift ideas, and Irish gifts for women are a great place to start!

To help with this, we’ve come up with our top 3 alternative gift ideas in popular gift categories. These ‘generic’ gifts typically fall into three categories – Perfume, Clothing Vouchers and the ever-popular Jewelry.

Now, before we go any further, we’d just like to say the following ideas are still great gifts that your Mom will love (we aren’t in the business of gift shaming), we simply offering alternatives if you’d like to get something a little different!

Ok, now we’ve cleared this up, we can press on!

Category: Perfume

Perfume is often an easy win because we all know the process. Check Mom’s shelf, scan the multiple perfume bottles, find the emptiest one and there’s your gift!

Alternative: Luxury Self Care Products

There are few gifts better than those that say ‘treat yourself, you deserve it’. The best way to send this message is with some luxury self-care products. Take your pick betweennatural luxury soaps, cleansing balms, and skincare will give her that pampered feeling.

Why not add a scented candle as well? This way, your Mom can have a truly relaxing day to herself where she will feel special and refreshed.

Category: Clothing Vouchers

So simple, so effective. Get your Mom a voucher for her favourite store, and she does all the hard work for you.

Alternative: Merino Winter Clothing

Instead of a voucher, why not get your Mom a quality piece for the colder months? You could choose from a timeless Aran sweater, scarf, cardigan, poncho and more! Not only are these made from the finest merino wool, but there are so many styles and colours on offer that you can’t go wrong!


The ultimate fallback. It’s not cheap, which makes the gift feel more special by default. However, it can be easy to tell when there hasn’t been much thought behind the gift.

Alternative: Celtic Jewellery

What makes Celtic Jewellery a great alternative to typical pieces is that there are so many unique designs to choose from, many of which also carry a deep cultural heritage and symbolism. Take a traditional Claddagh Ring, for example. These beautiful rings represent love and loyalty. There are also Celtic earrings, bracelets and the always popular Celtic Crosses. You’ll easily be able to find something your Mom will love!

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