Five hand bouquet ideas for your intimate wedding

At weddings, especially for brides, a wedding flower bouquet has almost the same value as a wedding dress. The incense is often used as one of the determinants of the theme, party accessories, and even decorations. Usually, the bride and groom will also choose a flower bouquet for longer than choosing a wedding dress. The main reason for this is apparent: they want to be different, elegant, and of course, classy. Therefore, hand bouquets singapore for weddings usually have a reasonably high standard.

Color selection, model arrangement, and type of flowers will usually be adjusted to the wedding theme.

Now to understand what types of flowers can be used at weddings, let’s look at the description below!

  1. If he is your first love, choose a lily that is a symbol of the purity of first love

Ever imagined walking the wedding altar carrying lilies? Yes, lilies are genuinely extraordinary in exuding Beauty and Lifestyle Bloggers, so they are very suitable for weddings. White lilies also symbolize the beauty of first love. It is very convenient to be chosen if you and your partner feel that they are finding first love.

  1. Tulip symbolizes true love, which is perfect for you to carry when walking on the wedding altar

Other types of flowers can be used as an alternative, namely tulips. Tulips are believed to be a symbol of true love, so they are very suitable for wedding receptions. You can choose from several types of tulips for the color itself, for example, white, red, or yellow, depending on individual tastes.

  1. With a graceful look, the baby’s breath is a symbol of the tenderness of love

One type of flower that is increasingly popular and in demand for weddings is the baby’s breath. This flower has a simple appearance but is still elegant. White in color and small in size, the baby’s breath looks great when you walk the wedding altar. That said, this one flower is considered to symbolize tenderness and sincerity of love.

  1. Roses are the most widely chosen because they symbolize beauty and beauty

Roses are the top choice for wedding receptions. However, the color choices can be adjusted according to the taste of each person. Roses are indeed classified as beautiful flowers that are in great demand. This flower also symbolizes the beauty and beauty of an extraordinary woman.

  1. Although relatively expensive and hard to find, orchids can be an option because of their beauty

This mostly purple flower symbolizes extraordinary love and beauty. Orchids are also classified as a type of flower that is expensive. The reason is, planting and cultivating this one flower is quite tricky.

  • Reasons for Brides to Bring Bouquet

The flower bouquet brought by the bride turned out to be not just a sweetener, but there is a meaning behind it. Dating back to ancient Rome, flowers became a wedding decoration, symbolizing new beginnings, fidelity, and fertility.

In medieval times herbs became even more popular than flowers for brides to carry. Especially dill (medicinal plant) and garlic wrapped in it.

It was believed that it could keep evil spirits away and bad luck to the bride and groom. The couple also consumes dill as an aphrodisiac food (food that can increase stimulation).

In the Victorian era, replacing plants and garlic with flower bouquets became increasingly popular, and this continues today.

A flower bouquet is a mandatory item for the bride to beautify the bride’s appearance and to decorate the perfection of every wedding.

  1. Lack of Research

Ignoring research means you don’t care about which bridal bouquet to use. It is the first thing you have to do. Choose whatever flowers you want, what motif and bouquet design you like, to which trusted florist you will use can make it easier for you to get a bouquet according to the wedding theme.

  1. Not paying attention to the budget

It is not surprising if some couples don’t know how much money is prepared to buy a flower bouquet. Just like preparing a budget for decorations, buildings, and other vital things, funds for flower bouquets must be separated. Usually, a flower bouquet costs up to 10% of the total budget required. However, this all depends on the type of flower, the florist’s service, to the bouquet design. Make sure you are not short on funds when choosing a bouquet. The more complicated and rarer the flowers are, the higher the costs required.

  1. Too Idealistic

Most of the women already have their favorite flowers. Still, if you insist on wearing out-of-season flowers or if supplies are running low, it looks like the florist will label you ‘bridezilla.’ Cooperation is essential. The florist will know the best design that fits the budget, and it can be made almost or even precisely what you expect. If your favorite flower is limited or out of season, try to be open to every choice the florist offers you.

  1. Redundant Design

Maybe you have a lot of favorite flowers? No matter how many designs and flowers you like, try not to overdo it and be more careful when mixing colors and types of flowers or styles of bridal bouquet designs. If you already have a wedding theme in mind, it will undoubtedly make it easier to design a suitable bridal bouquet.

  1. Ignore Florist Suggestions

The experts must know very well how the best bridal bouquet for each woman. Your florist is there to help and guide you in the process of selecting to designing your bridal bouquet. The flower bouquet will later become a collaboration between your thoughts and the florist. So, you can’t ignore the experience of those who have often designed flower bouquets and know what you should and shouldn’t do.

Hand bouquet can be a way to support your appearance to make it look perfect. In the past, only roses were used most often. However, nowadays, many florists are increasingly creative in mixing and matching hand bouquets according to your wedding theme. Windflower Florist offers a range of exquisite fresh and dried flower bouquets made using the best seasonal flowers.

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