Ideas to store building blocks

We have all played with building blocks in our childhood, and this was one of the best toy materials to ignite and boost our imagination and creativity. Maybe as we have grown old and it’s time to gift our children, building blocks are still our best calls. 

Types of building blocks

Let’s first look at the different varieties of building blocks. 

Building blocks can be made up of either plastic or wood, and it is best to try eco-friendly ones. Did you know foam is also used at times to make building blocks? However, they are not as popular as plastic or wooden ones. 

Now, we come to the various building blocks that you might use to develop your child’s cognitive and motor skills. 

  • Building Blocks of alphabets
  • Magnetic building blocks
  • rainbow building blocks
  • interlocking building blocks
  • castle building blocks
  • giant building blocks
  • crafts building blocks
  • specialized building blocks 

So, as the different names suggest, building blocks not only make palaces. You can help your kid learn about alphabets by using building blocks, or you can help them make excellent automobiles. If you are a teacher, you can use interlocking building blocks to create chemistry models. So, you can gift building blocks to yourself or your little ones in all these ways. 

However, once this unwrapping of gift papers and everything is done, the main problem starts when storing them. You can read about the keeping of building blocks on as well. 

Categorizing the blocks

Ordering the goods requires a whole deal of organizing and categorizing ability. Otherwise, you will make a mess of the blocks. If any of the blocks get lost, the entire structure may not make any sense. So, it would help if you were extra careful in storing them. 

Open Shelves

If you have open shelves at your house, don’t de-assemble the structured blocks. Keep them on the shelves as they are. They will also help decorate your wall space, and you will also minimize your organizing work. 


Some structures do not need all the blocks, and you can put them in nice and clear transparent containers in those cases. Also, you can make separate containers and label them for different parts. In that way, you can keep a clear and organized pattern for the building blocks.

You can also arrange the blocks according to their colors, and they will attract attention in that way. 

Also, you can make subcategories to arrange the blocks inside those containers further. You can make some compartments to put them in, and Semi-transparent bags can also serve your purpose. 


You can try out other bags for storing your building blocks. The bag-mat can be laid out upon which you will structure the blocks. Once that is done, pull the mat and tie it. You won’t have to dismantle them separately and keep them elsewhere. 

Cotton sacs, linen, or jute bags serve to store these building blocks. So, if you want to keep the blocks in a pleasant and arranged manner, these are your best choice. 

Final Thoughts

Remaining organized is the best way to make your life perfect. That practice can very well start from more minor things like keeping your kid’s building blocks arranged! 

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