How To Reopen Hair Follicles

There are roughly 76% of the population that has a significant portion of their hair follicles clogged. This is referred to as skin congestion or more specifically scalp congestion. You can see the follicle actually clogged when you look through the microscope at the actual follicle. This happens to both men and women and can happen at any age but is definitely predominant as we get older. Over time all the different hair styling products along with different exposures to dirt and pollutants in the air! But the most important thing is that most shampoos do not do a good job of getting ring of the sebum that the scalp’ sebum glands, down inside the follicle, produce. So now let’s uncover how to reopen hair follicles easily?

This sebum can mix with dirt and gunk which is often times yeast or sweat or even fungus that is normal to live on the scalp. However, that mixture can wreak all kinds of havoc on the health of your hair. With men especially the sebum can mix with dht or testosterone and become very hardened and block the hair follicle opening – but it can also work its way down inside the pore or follicle and actually harden up inside as well. These sebum plugs can become hardened or crystallized. This is when very few products can work at all to get the scalp pore back open and unclogged so that the sebum or scalp oils can flow as they are supposed from the root to the top of the hair.

Why Don’t Regular Shampoos Open Clogged Hair Follicles?

Most shampoos barley work on the surface of the scalp much less the inner part of the hair follicle where the root is. It takes an herbal blend to open the hardened sebum plugs and do it without seriously stripping the hair and scalp.  Read more about what works below.

What Products Work Best For Sebum Plugs?

Ove 20 years hair scientist found a combination of herbs and also a mineral called zinc with a salt added that made it zinc pca.  The Complex Is Called Zincplex Brand. This complex was studied by Trichologist and shown to literally melt away the sebum beads that it was studied on. The herbs also helped to irrigate down inside the hair follicle. This irrigation process was amazing to expel the dirt, grime, build up and even excess sebum and dht liquid. This is why the shampoo is recommended as the #1

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