Protect your Cell Phone in an Affordable and Easy Way

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Your Smart Phone is significant to manage your personal and professional life. It has become an integral part of your life, as it has given you the freedom to be in touch with your loved ones from anywhere in the world, run your business and access email on the go. The modern technologically advanced and expensive mobile phones, don’t only allow you to make calls but also store data, take pictures, use GPS technology etc. For many, cell phones are also a status symbol along with the security and convenience that comes with it.

Nowadays Smartphone insurance has become very important, though not many people are aware of its benefits. We at Mcare offer smart phone protection plan for a device that is less than 30 days old. Our policy is a smart way to protect against the damages to your phone such as screen damage, liquid spill damage and other physical damages.

Since your Smartphone is an electronic device, it is prone to software crashes, apart from external damage. However, we have got your valued smart phone covered through our protection plans. You can look for the most appropriate mobile protection plan on our website, our mobile application for android phones or you can even visit our retail partner. Our protection plans are valid for 365 days from the day of purchase.

When you look for a smart phone protection plan, you will come across several companies that offer coverage but charge hidden costs. However, at Mcare you won’t be charged any extra costs other than the plan fee.

Believe in Us for the Maintenance of Your Device.

Smartphones today, are highly functional and expensive. Any accidental damage to your device can lead to a lot of problems. Buying a new smart phone is not practical; a reliable mobile repair service is what you need. There are many expert mobile repair companies online. However, the trained and expert technicians at Mcare diagnose the problem and fix your phone. We use the latest tools and technology for servicing that allows us to repair your device in the shortest time possible, at the fraction of the cost.

In addition to high quality repair, we provide you the convenience of picking up your phone from your door-step once you call us, and deliver it back to you after repair within seven days of picking it. If your mobile crashes or get damaged, you can raise a service request or call us. We will pick your device, repair it in the best way possible and deliver it back to you. To check the status of your service request, you can call us or check on our application. We also update you about the status of your request by sending notifications on the app.

We at Mcare believe in Repair, Refurbish and Reuse, as our part of saving the planet. Protect your Smartphone, by purchasing a protection plan from us and get your device repaired in the most professional way.

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