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7 tips for selecting an interior decorator in Philadelphia

Just by surfing a few magazines, you may believe that you know the basics about interior designing, but until you meet an interior decorator. Let’s clear the air about one thing – An interior designer is not the same as an interior decorator. The latter’s specialization is aesthetics. In this post, we are sharing more on what it takes to hire a Philadelphia interior decorator

  1. Ask around. If you want to find the best-rated decorators in your area, ask around. Online sites can be really handy for shortlisting a few options. Some designers do double up as decorators, but like we mentioned, both are not the same jobs. 
  2. Check reviews. The work of an interior decorator can be understood through reviews. Google is your best friend for finding more about these professionals. Find if a decorator has too many good or bad reviews. 
  3. Schedule a consultation. Most interior decorators in Philadelphia will be happy to offer a free initial consultation, and this is a nice way of knowing the professional. They will explain the scope of their work and would want to know your expectations. 
  4. Be specific. There are two smart ways of working with an interior decorator – You can either share more about exactly what you need, or you can trust their vision. Micromanaging the work of a decorator or designer is never a wise idea. Decide how you want the house to be decorated and designed, and move accordingly. 
  5. Get an estimate. Usually, interior decorators charge for each project, and you can expect a ballpark estimate in advance. While price is not the only factor for choosing a professional, having a quote is always convenient. Make sure that you also have a contract with the service you have hired. 
  6. Check the work profile. The work profile and portfolio of an interior decorator is worth checking. Ask them about their top projects, ask for pictures, and check details to know the scale and scope of their work. You need a decorator, who can handle your requirements and is capable of aligning their expertise for your project. 
  7. Ask for references. If an interior decorator claims to be among the best in Philadelphia, they must have enough clients to back up their claim. Ensure that you ask the decorator for references, and call up a few to know about their respective experiences. 

The first meeting with an interior decorator is the most important one. Ensure that you are prepared to share your aesthetic objectives. 

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