Look for the Best Choices in Sustainable Fashion

Worldwide, the fashion business spends $2.5 billion a year. However, a willingness to share values inspires and delight its consumers, which is increasingly beneficial. It’s all about sustainable fashion, you figured.

Slow fashion, ecological fashion, sustainable fashion, healthy fashion, slow fashion or ethical fashion. Under all these names, more or less successful, you will find sustainable fashion. But what is it really? What is true ethical fashion?

What is sustainable fashion

They say that the ideas that arise as a result of necessity solving the problem, triumph. We think Sustainable Fashion is a good example of this. However, do you know the origin, the true meaning and the real implications of sustainability applied to fashion?

The forerunners of sustainable fashion

A root with a lot of meaning

What does the term sustainable mean? Has it occurred to you to look it up in the dictionary? Have you looked up synonymous words?

We have done it, and how curious because the word sustainability , which comes from holding, is nothing more than holding, supporting, balancing forces. That’s what sustainability is about, maintaining the balance of a system.

Economy, always ahead?

We tell you another curiosity that will help you understand everything. Where the concept of sustainability was first used was in economics.

They were looking for a term to refer to the development model to which our society should aspire, and the word sustainability met the objectives perfectly.

A woman against the tide

To produce a change you have to do something differently. You do not agree? This is what a restless English woman did.

In 2007, the concept of Slow Fashion was born by the hand of Kate Fletcher, Activist, writer, lover of nature and life, as well as entrepreneur. Theirs of course was not to go with the flow and became a pioneer.

Kate argues that it is possible to produce clothes and dress responsibly. The key, he tells us, is to use design to promote social change. This is a hopeful revelation that you can find out in more detail in this Slow Fashion Next article about Kate Fletcher.

The negative impact of fast fashion

So that you can release clothes every week and throw them away the following month, we need to multiply production and sell cheaper, obviously without losing benefits. No, better yet, increasing them exponentially.

Asia gave it to the large and medium-sized fashion chains on a platter. But the consequences have been very expensive for the environment, for society and for the economy:

Environmental impact:In recent years the textile industry has become the second most polluting on the planet. The UN classifies the fast fashion industry as an environmental emergency.

Social impact: relocation of production, loss of jobs, dissolution of valuable artisan unions, workshops and local weaving factories, exploitation, insecurity and unhealthy work.

Economic impact: increase in inequality and poverty.

Sustainable fashion versus fast fashion

To understand the concept of slow fashion, you must first understand what sustainable fashion is not. In other words, let’s see what fashion has become in the last few years. The answer is fast fashion (some also call it conventional fashion but we prefer to think that soon the conventional will be sustainable fashion).

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