The Hard Work Behind The Creation Of Black Panther Costumes

Black Panther has sparked a lot of interest from fans all over the world when he was first featured in Captain America: The Civil War. The first thing that people noticed was his costume that was made from Vibranium weave. In the comic books, Black Panther had a cape but it was scrapped in the movies to highlight his kingly garb. 

Black Panther’s bodysuit without the cape

Black Panther’s black cape closely resembled that of Batman from DC. Even if King T’Challa looked kingly and mysterious in a cape, the latest version of the Panther Habit would obliterate his clothing once it is activated. If you will remember, Shuri upgraded the Panther Habit with a full bodysuit that can be stored in the traditional necklace. The new Panther Habit can imitate any clothing through hologram or reshaping and recolouring itself that basically turns the king of Wakanda into a chameleon that eliminates the need for a cape. 

The Panther Habit is pretty indestructible to bullets and explosions unless the attack is from a Vibranium weapon. Unlike Thor or Superman who can fly, Black Panther has glider wings that allow some vertical movements. 

Black Panther’s suit is a sleeker and more elegant version of the previous one. Oscar-nominated costume designer Ruth Carter was responsible for the complex and difficult task of bringing the ultra-sleek design to life. The previous was bulkier while the upgraded design fitted like a singular skin. At first, the Euro-jersey suit was too perfectly snug that it blew apart during one of the stunts. Carter sought the help of April McCoy, a ballet costume designer to assess the situation. The gussets were redesigned so that the actor can perform action scenes in the sexy super suit. 

Creating Okoye’s costumes

Another character in the movie Black Panther that caught the attention of fans is Okoye, the leader of Wakanda’s all-female elite bodyguards. Wakanda has a more advanced civilization but Anthony Francisco, Senior Visual Development Illustrator had to research the cultural influences of warriors all over the world from the Ifugao tribe in the Philippines to the tribes in Southern Kenya and Northern Tanzania.

Ruth Carter worked on her magic to create Okoye’s uniforms by finding the most imposing shade of red that is brighter and more intimidating. South African artisans were commissioned to make the leather harness straps that hold the vest-like part in place. Tabards were highlighted with African beads, small jewels, and symbols that were associated with warriors. Jewellery maker Douriean Fletcher hand-tooled the striking metal ornaments including the buckles on Black Panther’s belts. The head and face paint of Okoye and the tattoo work were symbols of stature and her higher rank over the rest of the elite guards. 

A wide selection of unique and custom Black Panther-inspired capes is available for Superhero costume parties or masquerade balls. There are also red capes similar to what Superman and Thor wear in their films. Wearing superhero costumes and capes instead of towels and pillowcases make children bring their make-believe adventures to life.

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