OOTD Tracksuit Tips for Everyday

Wearing a single suit is usually avoided because you don’t want to look too “uniform”. However, now there is a trend of wearing a Squid Game-style tracksuit. Not only for sports, this one clothing model can be used for other activities such as hanging out with friends on the weekends.

If you are interested in trying it, here are 5 trendy design tracksuit styles that can be an option.

1. A modern touch of sporty style

Want to still look sporty? Choose a tracksuit with an unusual pattern. For example shocking pink, Tosca to yellow. Wearing a tracksuit doesn’t mean you’re going to work out. The easiest way to outsmart this look is to choose an Olympian-style tracksuit color and design. By using these designed suits, men’s appearances can get a modern touch. In addition, you can still wear clothes with a sporty impression. However, it’s a good idea to wear this sportswear with items that are typical of sportswear, such as fancy sneakers or a cozy hoodie.

2. Cool streetwear style

If you are one of those who follow the streetwear style, nowadays many clothing brands have issued tracksuit collections. Usually, tracksuits from these brands minimize the sporty impression on appearance through the selection of colors and designs. Even when wearing a street-style tracksuit, you can pair it with stylish shoes like chunky sneakers. However, there’s nothing wrong if you experiment and combine a tracksuit with non-sports clothes like loafers as a spin-off appearance.

3. Look trendy in the style of logomania

The logomania trend is everywhere. Men’s clothing trends that use brand logos in their clothing designs can also be found in tracksuits. You can customize what brand logo fits the character. Given the variety of choices ranging from sportswear to high-street. This trendy sports suit doesn’t need a big logo.

4. Futuristic style suit

One of the reasons why tracksuits are back in fashion is that high-end fashion brands like Gucci and Balenciaga offer bold designs on their clothes. Even so, currently, other, more affordable brands have issued similar designs that are no less futuristic. Complete this tracksuit style with minimalist clothes so you don’t look too trying to be different and stand out.

5. New design of the retro model

Apart from some of the previous modern tracksuit styles, there are trendy models with classic retro designs. Usually, the design of this tracksuit is simple and has been issued by previous clothing brands. However, of course, it has gone through the redesign process so that it can follow the styles and fashion trends. The trick of wearing a retro tracksuit is to choose a size that fits your body piece. The slim-fit model is one of the modern forms of this tracksuit. Also, try not to fill the pocket on the tracksuit so it doesn’t look puffy.

Those were some of the tracksuit styles that you can choose to make your appearance more trendy. Are you interested in trying these clothing trends yourself?

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