Kinds of Gothic Fashion that you need to know

Have you ever come across a strange fashion style that scares you? In addition to Halloween costumes, there are also ‘Gothic’ fashion styles that usually look scary because the dominant color of this style is black.

Gothic clothing is a style of dress inspired by medieval fashion, horror literature, horror films, surrealism, and also 80s punk rock music. The characteristic inherent in the gothic clothing style is the use of dark, mysterious, exotic, and mystical colors.

Actually, there are many types of Gothic fashion itself and can develop according to the times, but this time I will only share some of the most common types of Gothic dress styles, let’s listen to the end!

Traditional Goth

Traditional Goth style refers to the dress style of punk rock music in the 70s and 80s. There are many similarities between Traditional Goth fashion and the Punk Rock dress trend of that year. The salient features of this type of dress style include clothing made of black leather, boots, net stockings, belts, and spooky accessories. The fluffy hairstyle is often the center of the appearance of the wearer of this style. The makeup used is made very pale with black eyeliner and lipstick.

Romantic Goth

Romantic Goth has a style that is elegant, beautiful, but still with a dark characteristic. This concept of dress refers to dead roses, moonlit graves, as well as literature that describes love, sadness, and tragedy. Characteristic of romantic goths are velvet dresses which are generally black, red, or purple with lace trimmings inspired by early Victorian clothing styles. This type of gothic depicts a combination of romance with tragic darkness.

Gothic Lolita

This type of gothic style still has the characteristics of dark clothes, but not just black. Gothic Lolita refers to the Victorian style of dress combined with a cute style that is typical of Japanese women. Her clothing characteristics consist of a dress with lace and a fluffy skirt, stockings, thick high heels, as well as cute accessories.

Cyber ​​Goth

Cyber ​​Goth is a gothic style of dress that is still relatively new. This gothic style of dress is inspired by the rapid development of modern music and electronic technology. You could say that it is different from the gothic style in general, the characteristics of Cybergoth dress do not display pale make-up and all dark clothes, on the contrary, the typical clothes are very light colors with a mixture of black in them. This style depicts a love for electro music, dance, and colorful fashion. Cybergoth attributes usually consist of clothing in neon and black colors, platform boots, furry socks, leather chokers, gas masks, rave glasses, to corsets.

Pastel Goth

This type of gothic style is a combination of a cute dress style with soft colors and a dark gothic style. Often called kawaii, the signature Pastel goth style is inspired by the colors Rainbow and unicorn. In addition, items that are often worn by users of this style are usually chokers, light and bright hair colors, the use of stockings, piercings, and tattoos. This style depicts a dark and sinister love.

Hippie Goth

Having another name for Nu Goth, this gothic style has a blend of traditional goth with modern elements. This style is relatively new in the gothic world. This style has simplicity compared to other gothic styles. Characteristic items include black hats, chokers, clothes with distinctive black lace, and stockings. The make-up of users of this style is also quite simple but does not eliminate the existing gothic element.

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