7 Birthday Gift Set Ideas For Frequent Travelers

Meta Description: Thinking about giving a birthday gift to a wanderlust? These presents will help your loved one explore the world.

If you’ve got someone in your life who loves to travel, then these travel-inspired birthday present ideas are just the ticket. Each one will help them explore their next destination before they can even unpack their suitcase.

1) The perfect carry-on bag

This beauty of a bag is not only stylish, but it’s TSA compliant as well, meaning it can be taken on the plane in place of a regular carry-on. Whether they’re a student, a professional, or someone who just wants to look fly, this duffel has got them covered.

2) A passport cover

It is just so fancy to have a unique passport cover. Passport covers make it easier for air-travelers to find their passport quickly, and more stylishly than just tossing it in a pile with everyone else’s.

3) A travel journal

How does the saying go,’Those who travel for pleasure, write about it for profit”? This gift set comes with a beautiful notebook and colorful pen that will help your friend remember their adventures in an inspiring way.

You may add a Polaroid camera to make it more special. 

4) A luggage tag

These luggage tags are colorful and fun. They’ll make sure your friend can tell their bag from the rest of the sea of black suitcases at baggage claim. They’re also a great place to write down important addresses, like your boarding house or apartment. Who knows, maybe this will help keep them safe when they’re traveling alone.

5) A lip balm with a sunscreen

For travelers, sunblock and lip balms are an essential. Flying out of an airport in some hot places, can leave your lips very dry and uncomfortable. Passengers simply do not have enough time to get a snack and reapply after every meal. This lip balm with SPF 30 will help them keep dry lips at bay.

To make a little extra, a bath and body gift set can go a long way. This birthday gift idea for girlfriend will keep the skin nice and soft while they’re out exploring.

6) Waterproof storage bag (for accessories)

Does your friend love to bring a ton of stuff with them when they travel, but hates checking luggage? A waterproof storage bag is ideal for those who pack light, but still want to be prepared for anything. This practical present idea will keep the gifts they have gotten so far, like the carry-on luggage bag and passport cover all in one place.

7) Hydrating mask

It sounds like you know your friend’s skincare routine, but is she always too busy to take a bit of time out of her day to take care of their skin? A high-quality face mask can make all the difference. It will help hydrate the skin and make it look super glowy, in addition to keeping them smelling great.

Give your friend a warm birthday hug and show them how happy you think they will be to receive any of these presents. All of these surprise gifts are simple, but do not take the easiest route. Instead, go the extra mile to make their gift set unique and special.

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